JHS Naturals Reishi Gano 161 - 150 vcaps

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Immune modulation, hepatic support, healthy cholesterol, fatigue, and cardiotonic.


Per Vcap: 
Reishi Mushroom (10-4 Extract) … 400 mg 
Min. 10% Polysaccharides, 4% Triterpenes 

Active Constituents: 
Ganoderic acids (Triterpenes) 

Extraction Information: 
Heat-extracted concentrates from both the mushroom (fruiting stage) and the mycelium (vegetative stage) are available as commercial products. However, many of the triterpenes and other important constituents that benefit cardiovascular health are found only in the mushrooms, not the mycelium. Further, all of the clinical studies investigating immuno-modulating properties have used hot water or hot-water/alcohol extracts, as hot water extraction is necessary to ensure bioavailability of the active compounds. Our 20:1 fruit-body extract is carefully processed at low temperature with both water and alcohol to ensure the presence of all the important bioactive compounds.