Q: Do I have to be a patient of Full Circle to order product?

A: While some of our brands are available to the public, many of the professional brands are only available to patients with a prescription from a licensed health care provider.  

Q: Are natural health practitioners regulated?

A: Naturopathic doctors are regulated by legislation in Ontario, Alberta BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and 15 US States. Naturopaths, along with chiropractors, registered massage therapists, acupuncturists and midwives are the only complementary and alternative medical professions regulated in Canada (via government regulation).  Other disciplines are managed by their colleges / associations.   

Q: Do I need a referral from my doctor to see a Naturopath? 

A: Nope! Naturopathic doctors are considered primary care practitioners in Ontario, and as such require no referral.  

Q: Are visits covered by health insurance?

A: Most extended health insurance plans in Canada cover naturopathic services, including all treatment modalities such as acupuncture, nutritional consults and physical assessments. As naturopathic doctors and other CAM practitioners use alternatives to costly drugs and surgeries, more insurance companies are beginning to investigate expanding the coverage of these cost-effective treatment methods. 


Q: What is a typical naturopathic visit like?

A: The initial appointment with a naturopathic doctor is normally between 60 and 90 minutes and subsequent appointments are roughly 30 minutes in length. Your naturopath will take a detailed history of your current and past health concerns, conduct a physical exam and use information from laboratory tests to make an assessment and diagnosis. With your input, a personalized treatment plan will be proposed to help you reach your health goals successfully.

Q: What are the advantages of naturopathic care?

A: Naturopathic doctors aim to address underlying causes of disease rather than simply manage symptoms. Naturopaths evaluate each patient as an individual and involve and empower them in managing their own health. Naturopathic doctors routinely restore health without the use of drugs or surgery and all of the associated side-effects and contraindications.  Typical naturopathic treatment methods include diet and lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, nutritional therapy and sometimes acupuncture.  


Q: What is a typical nutritional consultation visit like?

A: With nutrition, the goal is to improve your dietary food choices and balance with the goal of meeting your goals and managing any health issues that you have.  Generally the ultimate plan is to educate you using either a Meal Plan or a Meal Guide to direct your food choices, portion sizes, and food balance so that you can become independently capable of understanding your body and how to fuel it with the proper mix of foods.  During your first visit, we discuss your food preferences, your exercise goals (if any), your level of stress, your amount of food preparation time, as well as the needs of the family as a whole.  We then prepare both short and long term plans to get you off and running.  

Q: What types of health issues can be addressed with nutrition?

A:  You'd be surprised at just how many diseases are the result of improper eating.  For example, many common health issues such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic inflammation are often a result of long-chain omega 3 fatty acid deficiency.  As opposed to using medications to compensate for diet, sometimes all it takes is a little education and the proper nutrition.