VIDEO: Men's Health - Time for Change

Posted by Tyler J. Arsenault B.Sc (Nutrition) on 2018 Jun 21st

Today on Hamilton Life, nutritionist Tyler J. Arsenault B.Sc (Nutrition) and host Linda Rourke discuss men's health issues and some incredibly shocking statistics. As men, we need to be more proactiv … read more

VIDEO: Microbiomes, Gut and Immune Fuction (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by Dr. Shelly Linehan ND on 2018 May 17th

Today Shelly and Linda Rourke discuss microbiomes.  What are they?  What do they do?  And more importantly, how do they affect your immune system, digestive health, allergies and intest … read more

VIDEO: Tumeric, Curcumin and Inflammation

Posted by Tyler J. Arsenault B.Sc (Nutrition) on 2018 Feb 20th

Today we discuss the huge advantages of turmeric extracts (curcumin), the vast differences between them (and regular turmeric spice) and why modern water soluble extracts are by far the best value in … read more

The Best All Purpose Oil: For Cooking, Vinaigrette, and Dressings

Posted by Tyler J. Arsenault B.Sc (Nutrition) on 2017 Nov 10th

I often get asked about the “best” oil to use, and my answer invariably depends on the specific circumstances in which it is used. I’d like to briefly discuss my top candidates for oils (in general) … read more