At Full Circle, we’ve always been committed to carrying therapeutic products that contain effective dosages of evidence-based ingredients while always keeping both eyes on the cost and practicality for you; are valued customers. Since our opening only 3 years ago, we’ve discontinued several lines of products to make way for new and improved formulas, or less expensive versions of near identical formulas. We don’t evaluate our products based on how much marketing they receive, how fancy the packaging is, or what brand reputation consumers perceive a product to have. Instead, we have always simply viewed our products as tools to provide health solutions for our customers. If it’s not an effective tool relative to what is available, then you won’t find us recommending it, and thus there is no reason for us to carry it.

Although our intentions have always been to keep our natural product dispensary lean and mean, we’ve recently opened an online store that carries thousands of additional products to the ones you’ll find on our shelves. Our unique online shopping service will ship anywhere in Canada usually within 3 to 5 business days, and has fantastically competitive prices. What sets our online shopping experience apart from the rest of the world-wide-web is that you’ll always have the support of Full Circle staff to help you with whatever product concerns you have whether we communicate face-to-face, by phone or by e-mail, we’ll always be here to provide our professional expertise, and that’s something the competition just can’t do.

Our online shopping portal can be found HERE, but current patients and customers will need to contact us by phone at (905) 930-7769 or by e-mail at, to receive the security passphrase that identifies you as a unique Full Circle customer in order to access to exclusive professional product lines. Should you run into any difficulties, we’re always happy to help as usual. Happy Shopping!