A study from the University of Bristol (UK) that was published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry found that children with lower levels of vitamin D had a higher risk of depression compared to children with higher levels of vitamin D.

More interestingly, the study was a long-term trial involving more than 2,700 children between 8 months to 9 years of age in the 1990s and examined the rates of depression through adolescence into adulthood. Remarkably, low levels of vitamin D established in childhood increased the likelihood of depression in later years as well indicating the importance of ensuring high vitamin D levels at an early age.

Unfortunately, there are extremely few dietary sources of vitamin D, and for most people their only method of obtaining vitamin D is through skin exposure to the sun. However, most health officials (at least in North America) recommend supplementing with vitamin D to ensure that vitamin D levels remain adequate, especially during winter months or when a person’s exposure to the sunlight becomes limited in any way. Also, it’s important to remember that even on bright summer days, sun screen and clothing can limit vitamin D synthesis by our skin by 90%.

Vitamin D has also been linked to several other health benefits including improved respiratory health, and lowering the risk of cancer, asthma and heart disease. Considering that vitamin D IS by far one of the least expensive supplements available in Canada (some as low as $0.02 per serving), the bang for the buck is extraordinary. For more information, please visit us!