Omega 3 fats – if you don’t know about them you need to check out the fuss. An enormous amount of research over the last 20 years has painted North Americans with the broad diagnosis of omega 3 deficiency. While diseases such as iron deficiency anemia are quite common, little attention has been paid to omega 3 deficiency by the conventional medical system although the focus is indeed shifting. 

To make a long story short, omega 3 fatty acids, in particular a type of omega 3 fatty acid called DHA, is incredibly important for nervous system development, primarily during gestation and in infants. Even conservative groups such as Health Canada recommend at least 150mg of DHA per day for pregnant mothers, or children to “help support the brain, eyes and nerves in children up to 12 years of age”. A number of studies have examined the effect of DHA and IQ scores, behaviour, cognitive and memory functions and DHA has proven to be of valuable benefit to children who supplement with DHA on a regular basis. DHA is only found in appreciable quantities in marine life, and common sources include fish, krill, calamari and algae oils.

One of the common questions we’re asked about fish oil is “does it taste fishy” and surprisingly, the answer is “no”. Most well filtered fish oil products are filtered so heavily in order to remove any sign of contamination and to maximize potency that fish flavour is rarely detectable. In addition, most fish oil manufacturers use natural citrus flavour to disguise any trace of fishiness. However, the most common complaint isn’t the flavour but rather the oily texture, and up until recently, expensive capsules and chewable softgels have been the only alternative. But things have suddenly changed.

Last month as I was perusing new products I came across a new product from one of our companies called Pure Encapsulations, a professional company imported by Douglas Laboratories Canada. They now produce a vegetarian-sourced DHA dropper that contains over 250mg of DHA from algae sources per 1ml dropper (about 1/5th a normal teaspoon volume). It’s hypo-allergenic, and is naturally flavoured with light and refreshing citrus, vanilla and passion fruit. While it mixes into yogurt, fruit juice, or apple sauce without any issue, because of the pleasant flavour, non-oily texture and small volume, our son takes it right from the dropper. Now the concern is worrying about him outsmarting us with all that healthy brain development!